Remembrance Acrostic

Remembrance I originally wrote this acrostic one Remembrance Sunday, but felt that it had a wider application so decided to include it in this collection. The Bible attaches great importance to the idea of ‘remembrance’. Recall, O Israel, your deliveranceEscaping Pharaoh’s army, brought safe to shore;Moses’ song of triumph, Miriam’s victory dance.Each day a fiery … Continue reading Remembrance Acrostic

Angels Acrostic

Whatever our view on angels, we have to admit they get a lot of mentions in the Bible. Announcing glad tidings to God’s chosen heirsNever ceasing their praises, Heaven’s glories are theirsGuarding us, ministering, hearing our prayersEmissaries of God in our worldly affairsLeading us through life’s darkest thoroughfaresSometimes we entertain them unawares. Apparently there are … Continue reading Angels Acrostic

Rainbow Acrostic

Recalling an eternal promise, a covenant signArched over the earth, God’s valentine.Ineffable light made visible in refraction,Noah knew that it meant ‘God in action’.Being ever alongside us, the Ancient of DaysOccupies our hearts, inhabits our praise –Wavelengths of God illuming our ways. The rainbow symbol has been widely used in different contexts, but it has … Continue reading Rainbow Acrostic