Transfiguration acrostic

Recently, our minister preached a couple of sermons on the transfiguration and the ensuing anticlimax when Jesus finds his disciples have been unable to heal a boy who suffered seizures (Matthew 17:1-21)

Reflecting on this, I came up with this new acrostic

The disciples had heard Peter declare Jesus was the Messiah;
Realising death was nearing, Jesus sought to take them yet higher.
Accompanied by Peter, James and John, He climbed to the cloud,
Nine disciples stayed below, ministering to the crowd.
Suddenly Jesus was transfigured, clothes gleamed white as light,
Face bright as the sun and, sat at his left and right
In conversation, were Moses and Elijah. As Heaven’s veil was undone
God’s voice broke through, affirming His pleasure with the Son.
Utterly terrified, the disciples fell, faces to the ground;
Reassuringly, Jesus touched them, bade them look around
And see they were alone, ready to return to those left behind –
Turmoil awaited, for the nine could not heal a boy with tortured mind.
In our earthly walk with God we go from mountain top to valley mire,
One day, though, we’ll be transfigured, for we will acquire
New bodies, imperishable and pain-free, as our everlasting attire.


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